Welcome to Hotjohnnie.com

Hey everyone, my name is John Noce and I live in Asheville, NC.

With this site, I hope to pass on my experiences so you can learn from me and my mistakes.  I’ll also make recommendations on products and services that I’ve used as well as offer warnings for things you should avoid.  Some of the other areas I’ll cover are as follows:

John Noce
John Noce

Personal Finance

Things I’ll teach will include how to earn more, save more and pay less on items.  Also, how to balance your checkbook, simple investments you can make and budgeting.

Exercise & Diet Tips

As a certified running coach, I can offer advice for both beginning and experienced runners.  I studied Kinesiology at the University of Texas, Austin so I can offer weight training advice as well.

Other Items

From time to time, I’ll probably offer frequent rants about life and what things I wish people understood.  I’ll also provide personal stories, funny stories and sad stories but all will offer a lesson to those that pay attention.